ISO 3834

  • An international standard created by welding professionals.
  • A provider of the quality requirements for a welded product, whereas ISO 9001 provides the requirements for a quality management system and  it does not establish requirements for welded products,  ISO 3834 on the other hand does.
  • It specifies requirements relating mainly to the quality of the welded product.
  • It encourages a proactive process orientated approach to managing and controlling welding product quality in a workshop or at site.
  • It is also a Factory Control System to control activities for the manufacture of the products.

In order to establish such a System and a Standard to be followed uniformly by the European  as well as other countries a few  rules have been developed following the principle of mutual recognition, which has been agreed between the International Institute of Welding and the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting. Though the EWF Manufacturer Certification System is based on the Management of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety in Welding through the EN ISO 3834 Certification Scheme, the Environment Certification Scheme, the Health & Safety Certification Scheme. The scope of the Agreement between EWF and IIW only includes, for the time being, the management of quality in welding.